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Its a very exciting time in Birdwell reception, as well as the gorgeous summer weather making lots of activities out doors, WE HAVE A QUAIL!

Over the last few weeks we have been incubating chicken, Turkey, Pheasant and Quail eggs. Our topic has been focussed on the life cycle of a chick and other animals. We have taken time to look closely at what happens inside the egg as the chick grows and what chicks need to survive out of the egg.

Take a look at the amazing video of the Quail breaking out of its egg!


We are gardeners! Our marigolds are ready to go home where hopefully they will bloom all summer.


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Fun at the Farm!


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Today we went on a fantastic visit to Wentworth Farm!

As part of our topic on farming and farm animals, we wanted to visit a real farm to see how they work, and what animals are kept at a farm.

We had an amazing day filled with fun and silly animals. We got the chance to hold some of the insets and reptiles they keep at the zoo as well. One of our favourites from the day was the crazy Llama who chased Mrs. Addy.

Take a look at some of our pictures- and see if you can spot Tom the dog having fun too!

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