Egg Drop!


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Today we have read the ‘egg drop’ book, and decided to recreate our own egg drop!
We enjoyed talking about the yolk and albumen inside the egg, and even had chance to eat some yummy scrambled egg!
Check out the video!

Easter EGGtravaganza!


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This week, our learning is going to be all about the festivities of Easter.

We have received a letter from the Easter bunny, and he left lots off eggs on our play ground. We hunted for these and found 191 eggs! We have our EGGcellent egg shop, as our maths focus has been on money and counting pennies. We have spoken about the story of Easter, and why people celebrate with eggs!

Take a look at some of our amazing displays and activities around the classroom.



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We are situated on a main road and many of our staff live locally so we opened for business as usual today…and it turned out to be an amazing day!

We started off in the hall all together to find out how many pupils and staff we had and find out what we were doing today.  The teachers split us into 4 groups and there were 4 different activities to visit during the day.

  • Mr Crouch ran a warm-up work out fitness session in the hall
  • Mrs Atkinson ran a calming art session
  • Mrs Rees had fun with the iPads and computers
  • Mr Swallow went outside for snowboarding, sledging and snowballs (mainly at him!!!!)

We all had our lunch together in the hall and sat and had a chill and a chat.  (Thank you to our kitchen staff for making it in to work!)

The children visited each session during the day.  Every single member of staff had a great time and commented on what a great, positive attitude all our pupils had.  Older children helped younger ones with coats and gloves, children worked on projects together and we finished our day in the hall with the benches and mats out to watch a cartoon as we all got picked up at different times.

Best snow day ever!!!!  Thank you everyone!

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